The Parative Project

this flag won't change your life, but it will change someone else's

It's Not Over, It's Just The Beginning

Andrew Penniman

WE DID IT! We hit the Kickstarter goal and beyond. This is exciting for us because this allows us to keep dreaming...

To have the support and encouragement of so many people is allowing us to dream big. What that looks like for The Parative Project currently is sending out our orders with Freeset and Aruna Project so we can fill the Kickstarter orders, figuring out how to legally become a non-profit business, and working on our website/brand/logo. We are also working hard to introduce new flag and t-shirt designs in the coming months which we are so excited about.  

What does dreaming big look like for Parative in the future? Glad you asked! We have so many dreams for this business. We see it as a place for people to join in the fight against human trafficking. We see it as a way to help with the issue in a creative and non-threatening way. We see it having the potential to break down the barriers of issues that aren't commonly talked about.  We see our orders growing and therefor Freeset and Aruna Project getting to hire, support, and bring out more girls from the system. We hope one day that like our canvas bags, we can prototype new designs to keep the girls learning and being challenged. We would also love to introduce other skills to the girls if sewing isn't the trade they are passionate about. 

We have so many dreams and goals and aspirations. This is just the beginning of something really special and we thank you for coming along with us. 

We know it won't always be easy, or fun, or ideal, but this is a journey that is worthwhile and we won't stop until freedom rings!


Drew and Carolyn