The Parative Project

this flag won't change your life, but it will change someone else's


Drew Oxley

Have you guys seen the new flag we are launching this Thursday? It is amazing. We love it so much. It is a collaboration between so many talented people. The flags are hand sewn and grommeted by the beautiful women of Somerset in India. The design is by the talented Laura Supnik. The inspiration is from Taylor Tippet and her project, Words from the Windowseat. Our small flags were hand screen printed here in Cincinnati by AJ and Brady of Lightning Horse Industries

The flag is dropping at 5pm on Thursday and it is a small batch so we expect them to sell out quickly. It was incredible and so inspiring to work with these people. From working with Taylor and Laura we gleaned so much inspiration so we wanted to peek further into their lives and hear about a thing or two they are dreaming on. Today's feature is on Taylor and later this week we will feature Laura!

PARATIVE: TAYLOR, let's hear about a dream that you have.

TAYLOR: Ever since I was a little kid, I have ALWAYS dreamt of opening up my own Bed and Breakfast.

PARATIVE: We love that idea. What are some ways you have tried to make that dream a reality recently?

TAYLOR: I recently moved into a brand new apartment and I have been really working towards styling it in ways that truly fit my style. I've been purchasing more goods that are quality over quantity. I feel like so many times we just purchase things to fill the space & I've been really straying away from that. I've always adored interior design, so I've been really teaching myself what that looks like. It's going to come in handy when I finally have the savings to purchase my own house to turn it into a B&B. Also when traveling for work or adventure I really keep my eyes open wherever I am. I pay really close attention to the culture and the spaces I get to spend my time in. Europe has influenced me tremendously.

PARATIVE: We love the concept of waiting to purchase til its something you love rather than meet an immediate need! We want to stay at your B&B already! Where do you see this dream in 5-10 years?

TAYLOR: It is messy, but that's the cool part about dreams. We don't have to have it all together and planned out to make it work. As for now, it looks like saving up a lot of money and working so hard to have enough saved to start making moves. I'm also traveling all over the U.S. to figure out exactly where I want to end up as well. 

PARATIVE: If you had to pick now, what cities would you consider to have your B&B?

TAYLOR: My top places are in the mountains of North Carolina (where I'm from), Tennessee, or Kentucky. Anywhere where there is land is where I want to be ideally.

PARATIVE: What is something you would want people to walk away with after their stay at your B&B?

TAYLOR: I want them to feel so loved & taken care of, surrounded by plants and flowers, and stuffed with the best food. It's all about the people you meet and the places you go. My main hope is that it is a place of comfort, rest, and love. I want my B&B to be that place for people. 

PARATIVE: OK and now for your fav breakfast food?

TAYLOR: Hardest question EVER. It's tied between eggs Benedict or Biscuits & Gravy.

PARATIVE: OH! Good call on those two. We can't wait for the flag to drop on Thursday! Thanks for chatting with us!