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When "Made In India" is good

Drew Oxley

I once read an article stating "American made clothing is simply better made. Better craftsmanship, happier workers, and good old fashioned American work ethic." 

The author of this article definitely hasn't experienced the manufacturing units we work with. 

For example, when we patterned our bag and sent it with Ryan (the shop owner) to the shop in Mumbai, the women worked so hard to perfect the bag, when we received them back the craftsmanship was of excellent quality. It was a new pattern and they worked hard to learn it quickly. And more than the quality, we love that the production units treat the women fair and with respect. They balancing using their skills and lovingly challenging them. We couldn't be more proud that our goods are made overseas. We love that the factories we work with choose to hire the women they do and we are honored we get to be apart of their story.

This is not at all to say that goods made in America are bad by ANY means. Shopping within the states is a good way to find ethically made goods. We love that you can't put a blanket statement on what countries clothing manufacturing is the best and we love that our goods being made in India is outside of the box in regards to how clothing is produced. We hope it challenges other manufacturers in India (and all over) to raise their standards.