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does social media Affect Shopping ethically?

Drew Oxley

We all know the feeling. It is a great day, you got a good nights sleep, it's 75 and sunny, you have some time to yourself so you decide to scroll your Instagram feed... scroll scroll scroll, like like like, funny comment here and there, and then there it is.. you have been saving your money and searching for a pair of jeans for a few months, HERE THEY ARE. So you do a little research because you have been trying to shop ethically and.. BUZZKILL, the brand with the dreamy jeans doesn't monitor their supply chain. Now you are in a bind, do you buy the jeans? What if you can't find a pair of jeans that you like that are ethically made? 

You would have to be living under a rock to not know that people love to shop online. An article the Wall Street Journal put out in June said that people actually prefer to shop online and the majority (51%, lol) of purchases are made through the internet. You can order anything online from your groceries to an alligator surfer dude hooded towel. Social media affects our spending habits, colleges are now offering social media marketing classes (and majors) because of social media's impact on consumption. 

As our family is trying to shop thoughtfully and ethically, it got old, fast, being teased by things we couldn't (and didn't want to) buy. So we cleaned shop and found brands that care about their supply chain and fair labor and followed them instead. The result... SO HELPFUL! Since then, I actually have ideas of the ethical things that are out there. When my mom's birthday comes around I have an arsenal of ethical things she would like, not to mention having ideas of what to buy people for wedding gifts, birthdays, or day I say Christmas, kidding, you know I mean holidays.

Speaking of holidays, happy labor day! A Monday off seems like a great day to rearrange your social media accounts. Enjoy your long weekend.