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little dreamer boy

Drew Oxley

The title has nothing to do with the post other than that all we talk about is dreams. I am not a boy but I do like Christmas songs and the weather is cool enough to wear a sweater, so never mind its the perfect title!

After launching our Dream to Do series I had a noteworthy conversation with a friend. She mentioned a girl who talked about how our generation is all about following your dreams but doesn't recognize staying in their jobs for years or mundane tasks like chopping food for their kids to eat. I think its a good point and a conversation worth having.

And it seems like it keeps coming up... (Our family is so cool we are STILL watching Survivor.) This season it is Millenials vs Gen X, so obviously the idea of dream chasing was practically all Jeff Probst said when describing the millennial tribe... That Millennials don't want to work hard, they only want to dream. During the first episode my dad commented, "I wasn't working for a dream, I was working for a paycheck." These conversations started to make me feel embarrassed to be working for a dream. Embarrassed that we started this blog that is about dreaming. Embarrassed that we are chasing a dream we have. But I keep coming back to this notion that we must take action in order to see change. 

I stumbled upon a quote that resonated with me about how we at Parative see dreaming. It said, "Act as if what you do makes a difference because IT DOES." This is why we dream. This is why we are starting a business that helps women stay out of trafficking. This is why we shop ethically. This is why mothers chop vegetables to feed to their families or some even have kids in the first place. This is why my dad worked hard to provide for us. This is why families adopt children. This is why people do the things they do. We aren't saying a dream has to be outrageous and change the trajectory of your life. We are saying act with purpose and intentionality. If you have an idea search it out. Don't brush it under the rug because it could be too hard or too much work. Sniff it out. See where it leads. Have vision and take action steps to accomplish it. 

I don't think going to work everyday should give you shits and giggles. Being a hard worker and tilling the soil is hard and takes discipline and doesn't mean you are going to love every minute of it. But I think to have purpose in our work is valuable. So find it. Figure out why you are doing what you're doing and tell people about it. Inspire them to do the same.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this matter. When we type these we are really just shooting the breeze with the world wide web or having coffee with Al Gore. However you want to put it. And I will say I got pretty honest with Al today.


Disclaimer: Is shits and giggles a good thing? I've heard that saying a ton, but it actually sounds really terrible!