The Parative Project

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Drew Oxley

THERE IS SO MUCH TALENT AND CREATIVE ENERGY IN CINCINNATI RIGHT NOW. It is incredible to be around people who are creating and reinventing the wheel. We stumbled across Anastasiya's work and took her to coffee to pick her brain about pattern making. We have become friends and huge fans of hers since. She is one of those people that has good ideas and asks hard questions but is still encouraging. We think you guys will love her story. She is from Russia and has an incredible story of dream chasing and making things happen.

PARATIVE: Thanks for sitting down with us! Tell us about a dream you have?

ANASTASIYA: My biggest dream is to grow my business, Textilehaus, to the point where it could impact lives of many people in a positive way. I want my company to provide a creative outlet where people can invent new things and expand boundaries in already existing systems in fashion and textile industry. I also want to provide product that is meaningful for many people, makes them feel good and inspired.

PARATIVE: When and how did you come up with Textilehaus or knowing you wanted to design a line?

ANASTASIYA: My DAAP professor was working on an art project and needed some custom raincoats. He posted on FB asking his friends if they knew anybody who can do it and I said I could. My mother taught me how to make clothes when I was little. She would require for me to make a sample of garment before she would let me to buy something at the store. So when I was making those coats for my professor I felt that I was with my mom back at home bonding over a project. So I decided that I would utilize the skills I learned from my mom and my creative background (I graduated from DAAP with a Fine Arts degree). When I designed my first dress people just kept asking where they could buy one, this is how I knew that I was on to something. Within the next year I came up with a name, enrolled into local small business accelerator called First Batch, designed my first collection and learned some major fundamentals about working in a start-up.

PARATIVE: So cool that your mom did that and the skills it required you to learn and grow. What action steps have you taken towards your dream recently?

ANASTASIYA: I've gone through a small business accelerator which was one of the hardest things I had to do in my life besides moving to another country. Learning something new is a challenging humbling experience and I realized that If I didn't love what I do it would be impossible for me to move forward.

PARATIVE: Talking about moving forward, what would you like your dream to look like in 5 or 10 years?

ANASTASIYA: My goal is to have a design house where we are able to produce our own fabrics, experiment with textile innovation and strive for sustainable manufacturing. I aslo want Textilehaus to have both menswear and woman's wear lines.

PARATIVE: How can people around you support and help with your dream?

ANASTASIYA: Everyday I find myself thanking my friends, family and local community for their support. Sometimes I look around and see my friends doing amazing things and think that I'm so lucky to be surrounded by such talented, wildly intelligent people. I have several business mentors, that give me financial and strategic advice. I can not stress enough how important it is to have family. I have two sets of parents, two of them live in Russia and two of them are here in Cincinnati. Over the past couple of years I learned that it is important to come home for dinner and spend time with people that unconditionally love me no matter where Im in life. Many of my friends work in start-up or are in a creative field, so it is always nice to pick up a phone and talk to them or go on a walk, they definitely helped through some tough beginner stages.

PARATIVE: What cool perspective about family and being loved! An important part in taking risks is knowing you are loved unconditionally, takes some of the pressure off. If you could choose a historical figure to rock your clothes, who would you choose?

ANASTASIYA: The first women that come to mind are Princess Diana, Jacqueline Kennedy, and Michelle Obama. I don't think these women come to my mind because of their social status, I just love their set of values and how they carry themself. I design for a woman that is intelligent, wise and kind, and those are the women I look up to. I love that they are experimental and artistic with their wardrobe in a very curated way. 

PARATIVE: We loved getting to hear about you and the dreams you have and the things that got you to where you are. Thanks Anastasiya. We are big fans!