The Parative Project

this flag won't change your life, but it will change someone else's


Drew Oxley

Have you been following our families journey through ethical shopping? Oh ya, thats the one... where I cry because when I go to the mall I can't buy anything, where our toddlers norm is either hand-me-downs or super expensive rompers that are made in the US, where I pee my pants every time I sneeze (has nothing to do with ethical shopping but a big part of my life journey), and where we put in a lot of research before every purchase. 

I am learning a lot. Just because something is hard and inconvenient doesn't mean it isn't worth it. This could be one of the more challenging, but most rewarding decisions we have made as a family. I am excited to teach our kids about where the things we consume come from and why we make the choices we do as consumers. I am excited to support businesses that are doing things right and working hard to change the direction fast fashion is headed. I am excited to use our hard earned dollar to do good. I am excited to see the impact that our purchases have and the affect it will have on how businesses choose to run. It has been super rewarding but THIS JOURNEY THROUGH ETHICAL SHOPPING HAS DONE ONE THING FOR US THAT IS VERY EXCITING...

It made us create the perfect tee.

If you couldn't tell from my first paragraph rant, we had a hard time finding clothes that we could wear everyday, that were ethically made, and that were reasonable and competitive in price. So when your husband is a visionary and you can't find a solution to a problem, he suggests you create it yourself. We researched shirts we liked, we made patterns, we had the girls we work with in India mock them up and send them back, we tweaked them. and tweaked them again. and tweaked them some more. We then, you guessed it, tweaked them more until we came out with a design that made us proud, proud like it's our favorite t-shirt we have. We wanted a tee that people wouldn't buy because it was affiliated with a "cause". We wanted people to buy it because it was the best damn shirt they ever put on. 

And it just so happens that the shirts are changing lives, reasonably priced, and sourced with organic cotton. Trust me, you're going to feel good wearing this.