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Dream To Do: Kendrick Jones

Drew Oxley

We connected with Kendrick a few months back and it was obvious right away that he was a fellow dreamer. He is passionate about creating a platform for others to share their dream. He created The Dream Again Campaign for this purpose and it felt natural that we should do a blog interview with the man behind this campaign.

PARATIVE: Thanks for chatting with us Kendrick, tell us about a dream you have.

KENDRICK: My dream is to see the world on fire for the cause of awakening passion and purpose in the hearts of every individual. My dream is to take the idea of dreaming bigger and sharing our stories with one another for the cause of Christ across the globe.

PARATIVE: That is awesome. Parative loves the idea of dreaming bigger. What a cool mission. What action steps have you taken recently to achieve your dream?

KENDRICK: The Dream Again Campaign has given me all the more motivation and opportunity to take the necessary steps toward making my own dream a reality. Seeking to advocate for the cause to reach beyond the mundane, this mission has been amazing to witness as it impacts community after community of dreamers, creatives, and visionaries all over the U.S. and beyond. For the past four months, this campaign has challenged me greatly. The Dream Again Campaign continuously opens my eyes to the value, purpose, and authenticity each and every one of us withhold.  

PARATIVE: What does The Dream Again Campaign look like in 5-10 years?

KENDRICK: In 5-10 years, I believe my dream will look like an even greater version of the characteristics it embodies in the here and now. My vision for the future, is to see this campaign taken across the globe; reaching subgroups of individuals who have given up, lost hope, and rejected the story that marks their lives. I want to see a greater continuation of what I do now: inspiring others to dream again.

PARATIVE: How has The Dream Again Campaign effected other areas of your life? (other endeavors, work/school, relationships, etc)

KENDRICK: The Dream Again Campaign has effected all aspects of my life, but, mainly, my relationships with others. Since it's creation, I've come to realize that it's almost like I've set myself up to discover the gold in others. Seeing people in the midst of my community here in Northeast Louisiana and beyond is to see a land of diversity marked by the stories on people's lives. This campaign has given me new eyes.

PARATIVE: As a company who loves seeing people dream big and push themselves we are so curious, have you noticed a trend when people share their dreams with you?

KENDRICK: There is definitely a common trend that occurs when people share their dreams with me. An awe-struck undeniable's all present every time in every context of conversation. Encountering the dreams of others is always such an honor because it reminds me that we all have a seed of purpose nestled within us that is simply waiting  to erupt for all the world to see.

PARATIVE: Which do you feel is more powerful, someone sharing their dream or the possibility of the dream inspiring others?

KENDRICK: I believe what's most powerful, is witnessing someone's dream inspire others. "Dream Dreamer," is a motto designed to encourage, empower, and awaken the dreamer inside each and everyone of us. Reminding our world of an aspect of calling that's already in our nature to embrace is so powerful. Reminding our world of an aspect of calling that's already in our nature to embrace is what ignites us all with passion and purpose.