The Parative Project

this flag won't change your life, but it will change someone else's

All or Nothing: Garrett King Collab

Drew Oxley

Our All or Nothing flag is a collaboration with Garrett King.

Garrett is an all or nothing kind of guy. If he is going to go after something, every bone is his body is going for it. The Parative Project beats to the same drum. They want to see human trafficking eradicated and they are employing women out of brothels in India. Garrett and Parative came together to create this flag to remind you to persist, move forward, and give all you have. 

These flags are hand sewn by women in Mumbai, India who have been freed from the sex slave industry... talk about All or Nothing. We believe we can make a difference and that giving it all you have is enough. This first run of flags was able to cover one woman's wages for one year. 

This isn't the beginning. This isn't the end. We're not stopping here. All or Nothing.

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