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Dream To Do: Mark Ventura

Drew Oxley

We first crossed paths with Mark when his band played in the backyard at one of my college houses. Little did I know that 7 years later we would both have a passion for shopping ethically. About a year ago, we reconnected and I got to hear about his dream. You will get to read more about Adoshi in this interview but it really is a unique platform for both shopping ethically and for the businesses selling through Adoshi. Plus, if Adoshi turns out half as cool as the music he played, it'll definitely be worth checking out. 


PARATIVE: So let's dive right in. What is your dream?

MV: A world where online commerce is completely transparent. Your average person will write it off, but supply chain is more important than a lot of people realize. Everything we purchase has a story. Where were the very bare ingredients sourced from? Where were the ingredients put together to make the final product? How were the ingredients and final product transported from step one to final product and ultimately to your doorstep? Every process along the way has an impact on people, planet, and animals. My dream is a world where we can shop in a way that benefits people, planet, and animals.

I dream to change the way humans shop online.

PARATIVE: That is a dream we can get behind! Super cool. We've found that people who consume with a purpose had some tipping point towards making the decision to shop ethically. What did this look like for you?

MV: This started when I was very young. I must have been 12 or 13 when I first asked my mom to avoid big box stores. As I got older and somehow had more money, my buying behavior began to more closely reflect my values. I wouldn't say there was ever a clear "tipping point," but that I always knew (and we all know) that taking more resources than the earth can replenish, is a bad idea. Anybody who reads that "by 2050, plastic in the oceans will outweigh fish," and doesn't at least begin having their tipping point - is adding to the problem.

PARATIVE: What action steps have you taken towards your dream?

MV: Phase 1 of Adoshi is live now. You can go to right now and see where the future of online shopping is heading. At this very moment we only sell eco-friendly, ethically sourced, and socially conscious products -- and are even adding a small handful more this coming week.

We've even opened a door of communication with the general public to illicit feedback, spark conversation, and discuss this idea. If we're going to turn commerce on its head, it requires a constant and evolving conversation.

PARATIVE: What does your dream look like in 5/10 years?

MV: Ha. What am I going to have for breakfast tomorrow? Life has a funny way with plans, but If I have my way -- Adoshi will have software that measures every one of our users' carbon footprint. In 5 years Adoshi will be a very effective consumer tool. It'll be the best friend of conscious shoppers.

Now again, this is all hypothetical, but in 10 years Adoshi will have been an effective consumer tool for 5 years. It wouldn't be unfathomable to think we would have done some serious marketing during those 5 years, so in 10 years Adoshi is deemed a "success," and has planted at least 10,000 trees.

But this will all have to happen much, much, much sooner if climate change consists the way it does.

PARATIVE: Love those long term goals! How can people help you?
MV: We always need help. We always need feedback. First way anybody in the universe can contribute or help is to write us at --- this includes funny jokes, constructive feedback, complaints, or even kind words of encouragement. It can be hard trying to start something so big, so the words of encouragement are definitely appreciated, haha.

PARATIVE: At the very least I am sure people will want to follow along with what you are doing. What social media channel do you prefer we follow you on?
MV: I'd say Instagram. We are  We're a very visual brand, so that's a fun channel to follow us on. If you like fonts or interesting design, I promise this will be a good account to follow (and get even better).