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this flag won't change your life, but it will change someone else's

2018 Ethical and Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide

Drew Oxley

As we phase out of election season and into the holiday shopping season, Parative believes your votes this holiday season are just as important. We can stand behind our values with our purchases. Carolyn and I wanted to share a few of our favorite everyday items, as well as a few products that are on our own Christmas list. (Hint hint, Carolyn) Knowing this list is limited, if you’re struggling to find an ethical or sustainable option for a gift idea please reach out to us! We’ll help you find the gift you’re excited to give this season.


Allbirds- have you ever put a cloud on your feet and walked around? well now you can.

Parative- we dare you to find something this tee doesn’t pair well with/under.

Flint & Tender- if denim, chino, and a pant with stretch had a baby this would be it. and it would be the type of baby that looks cool and you want to wear everyday.

Everlane- if its going to be cold out you might as well look cool AND keep your head warm.

Pact- do you undershirts have holes in the armpits or is that just me? these can change that.


Kin- the coolest hats can turn any day from bleh to hooray!

Imogene and Willie- lets cover our ankles in something worthwhile, shall we??

Parative- parties well under sweaters and in the spring you won’t regret wearing it alone.

Rudy Jude- the perfect basic thermal, need we say more?

Baqette- you won’t need a purse and i promise you won’t miss the extra baggage.


Library- you and your child will finally agree on their favorite thing to wear.

Finn and Emma- perfect basics made for the happiest babies

Mini Moiche- the perfect kid hoodies in the best colors

Nugget- your kids won’t want to play with their other toys because they’ll be too busy using their imaginations on these amazing transformable cushions.


Gathre- no one will care what you serve them while they are sitting by this tablecloth

Anchal- these quilts are dyed by plants and provide employment in india like someone we know (hehe) which makes me die for them even more.

Olli Ella- a fair trade basket with a cool pattern woven in… give me 10

Parative- its better to give than receive but i promise you no one would mind receiving one of these flags.