We noticed a pattern. We would be moved when we heard of social injustices Only to find our urge to help fade as we weren't facing the issues daily. We had done nothing. This happened time and time again. Through conversations we came to realize we weren't alone. We want to change the trajectory of how often we think beyond ourselves. 


The Parative Project designs products bringing opportunities for freedom AND moving others to take action.


We want to dream to do.

To bring more people to freedom is our dream. The Parative Project is our do. 

We have our products made by businesses that are bringing fair wages, stability, and healing to those who have been freed from human trafficking and poverty.

The intent behind our design is to encourage the maker and inspire the purchaser.  We want to create changes out of creativity. Our goods are for everyday use in hopes to remind us all that we are part of a fight that is bigger than ourselves. We have found people want to help, so we want to create products that remind them, and provide solutions.

The Parative Project develops everyday goods that you can wear, carry, and make a home inside your home. We want these goods to be made by the hands of men and women who are experiencing new life and freedom from their past.


Our design incorporate both the makers & you... because we believe our freedom is tied together.