Practice Resurrection Flag

Practice Resurrection Flag


Practicing resurrection is not about getting it right the first time. It’s the daily reminder that everything matters… The ins and outs and little things of life count, and looking foolish or messing up isn’t the end. It is the progress, the moving forward, and the grace that are important. “Practice resurrection” reminds us that the seed looks nothing like the flower but there is no flower without the seed. So keep working, and toiling, and trying again because it all has value and one day it will come to full affect. Even death can’t rob us so keep reminding yourself of the resurrection and walking in it’s grace.

This flag is made with heavy canvas, with two brass grommets. They are screen printed by hand making each flag unique.

100% canvas / Sewn in freedom in India at Aruna /Printed locally in Cincinnati, Oh

Flag measures 32x57 inches

hang anywhere, spot wash, hang to dry

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